Wild Bill in Winter - Jeremy Pack
Moonshine - Jeremy Pack
Nocturne - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Ice - Michael Hollins & Peter Myers
Goleiro - Javier Robles
Untitled - Nikki Bohm
Nashville Fever - Dan Wunsch
Ciao Bella! - Mary Fry
Shoes - Doug Peake
True American - Arthur McClen
Under The Same Sky - Arthur McClen
Confederado - Doug Peake
Waiting for Diane - Peter Myers
Timeless Destiny - Arthur McClen
P.I. Guys - Mel Kohl
Bounce Back - Michael Hollins
The Legend of the Diamond - Roberto Girault
Blue Skies - Kate Queen & Barney Cohen
Through The Waters - Doug Peake

The Eagle & The Dragon - Doug Peake
            (Optioned - international director attached)
            (Chinese Historical Epic)


The Trailer - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Prom King - Kate Queen
Making The Grade - Dan Wunsch
Mad About Millie - Lawrence Riggins
Love For Sale - Mel Kohl
Forever in Mind - Kate Queen
Meshugana Brothers - Peter Myers
S.E.E.D.y People - Kyle Wilkinson
Switchcraft - Lawrence Riggins
Stray Hearts - Peter Myers
Re-intervention: The 13th Step - Kate Queen
Gone With The Windshield - Lawrence Riggins
The Meltdown Pot - Arthur McClen
It's In The Ivy - Mel Kohl
Robyn Hoodie - Diane Meyer
Anti-Hero - Sarah Czuprynski
Eli Davis - Aviv Rubinstein
NYC Elf - Doug Peake
Cousins - Javier Robles
Language Of The Heart - Roy Doliner
Untitled Bentley Project - Nikki Bohm
Armageddon At Coffeeheaven - L.C. Cruell
Action Thriller

Polo Players - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Nobody’s Angel - Linda Freeny
Untitled Armadillo Project - Nikki Bohm
Untitled Brazil Project - Nikki Bohm
1000 - Javier Robles
Shadows Of War - Peter Myers
Traded For Lies - Diane Meyer
UNTITLED - Peter Myers
The Back Nine - Jay Gable
Victory Girl - Peter Myers
Sax Man - Doug Peake
Last Call For Angels - L.C. Cruell
The Other Cheek - David Jacobs, Nick Crawford & Kevin Bloomfield
            (Optioned - Producer: Mark Engels - Director: James Deck)
Science Fiction

Plasma - Michael Hollins
Song Without End - Roy Doliner
Moon Food - Kyle Wilkinson
The Guardians - L.C. Cruell

Leach Field - Andrew Post
Returns - Andrew Post
Crimson - L.C. Cruell
Dark Night Of The Soul - Roy Doliner
Fluffy - Dan Wunsch
Model House - Alex Sosin & Amanda Annon (contact Sherry Robb)
The Error - Andrew Post
Savage Girl - Kate Queen
Dark Eyes - Andrew Post
Mortality - Michael Kenneth Stewart
Don’t Click - Michael Kenneth Stewart
Lizzie - L.C. Cruell
The Burning (aka Samarra, Solar Storm) - L.C. Cruell
The Sitter - L.C. Cruell
Scavengers - Andrew Post
The One-Eyed King - Andrew Post
Psych Unit - Mark Daniels & Sarah Czuprynski
            (Optioned - In Pre-production)
True Life Stories

Eye For An Eye - Diane Meyer
UNTITLED Leonardo da Vinci Project - Peter Myers
Anti-Heist - Lawrence Riggins
High-End - Kate Queen & Barney Cohen
Teleplays, Bibles & Webisodes

Urban UNITY - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Beverly Hills Bounty Hunters - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Member's Only - William James
Valet - Michael Sisto & Richard Barajas - SOLD
Untitled - Nikki Bohm
Serenity Falls - Kristi Poray-Breistig & William James
The Circle - Kate Queen & Nick Chapman
God Killer - Johnny O’Hara
The Gang Wars - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Road Trippin’ - Lorel Keiko Saiki
Ellie Jeykll - Michael Kenneth Stewart
The Four - L.C. Cruell
Neph - L.C. Cruell
31 - L.C. Cruell