Michael Hollins
Michael Hollins was inspired toward creative writing by his high school English teacher, Victor Miller, who later became the screenwriter for the original Friday the 13th. Michael produced creative shorts and training films and became a theatrical producer in Santa Fe, NM.

A passion for automobiles led to factory training from Porsche, then Service Manager, where good customer relations became paramount to him. Michael later earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spent years on international projects, many of them cleaning up after the Doomsday Boys- demilitarizing mountains of chemical weapons, vitrification of high level Plutonium, environmental restoration. He also worked on the Predator Drone’s capability to see through cloud cover. Presently he works with the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Siberia, Russia on a revolutionary method to produce electricity for the world’s demand.

Wanting to return to creative writing again, Michael attended the Screenwriters’ Program at UCLA Extension and earned a certificate in 2013. He also is an alumnus of Hal Croasmun’s ScreenwritingU.
Bounce Back
After the drug-related kidnapping of her daughter, Mona must alter herself from cowering introverted housewife to vengeful Tijuana nocturnal narco-hunter in hopes of finding her daughter alive.

Ice - (with Peter Myers)
In 1898, a disgraced Naval graduate loses his fiancée over a drunken, fatal brawl, then is stripped of his rank and jailed for two years. Fighting a drinking problem, he starts at the bottom as a deckhand on an ocean liner, and must survive on the same iceberg which sends his ship to the bottom. Ultimately, he must regain his self-respect as well as the love that he lost.

Science Fiction thriller based on the Big Bang creation theory.