Sherry Robb & Her Team
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Sherry Robb
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Michelle Dominguez Sanchez
Director of Development-
Film & TV

Lorel Keiko Saiki
Director of Marketing & Promotions
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Cassie Harrison
Head of Theatrical
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Joe Clifford
Entertainment Executive
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Kelsey Roberts
Associate in Development /
TV & Features

Ankit Misri
Assistant Talent Manager
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Daniel Mosley
Headshot Consultant

Willie Fort
Head of Commercial

Carley Guida
Literary / Talent Associate

Evan Bridges
Literary Associate / Staff Writer

John Fiske
Literary Associate

Sarah Czuprynski
Creative Executive
Our Awesome Interns

Andrea Palma
Talent Assistant
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DeAnn SanVal
Writers Assistant
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Julia Murray
Literary Assistant
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Sidney Anderson
Talent Assistant
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Catherine Carl
Talent Assistant
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Amanda Morin
Talent Assistant
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Colette McCormick
Talent Assistant
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Liam Lischak
Talent Assistant