Kate Queen
Kate Queen attended the Ohio State University where she dropped out of medical school to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. Apparently she hates money and respect. She found success as a comedian and began touring full-time in clubs all over the country, but quickly realized behind the desk is where she really wanted to be.

Clever, warm and funny, she has a knack for combining lovable characters with fresh, high-concept ideas which is probably why Kate had such a big year in 2013. She sold three scripts (2 dramas and a comedy), was brought in to develop a TV Bible for a major network, landed a studio job, and has two comedies slated to begin filming in 2014. She has also recently published a series of children's books.

On working with Sherry Robb, Ms. Queen has this to say;
"Sherry Robb has the knowledge, warmth and connections that I have been missing in this industry. It has been a blessing and a pleasure to have her representation as my manager."
Savage Girl
An intelligent girl is forced to accept a modeling opportunity in order to escape the nightmare of a small town she lives in, but will soon learn what real terror is. She is competing to replace a supermodel who was horribly disfigured during a photo shoot; a supermodel who will stop at nothing to make sure no one ever takes her place.

Prom King
In this teen comedy, a sweet, albeit prudish, cheerleader seeks revenge on her cheating boyfriend by offering up her virginity to whoever wins Prom King.

Re-intervention: The 13th Step
A weed-smoking, but dependable, kindergarten teacher finds sobriety at his family's urging, but they come to regret the self-righteous monster they've created. They must convince him to light up again before they lose him to the conservative side of life forever.

Forever In Mind
Robbie allows his best friend, a neurosurgeon, to rewire the brain of his high-maintenance fiancée so that she thinks a little more like a man, but the results are disastrous in this romantic comedy.

The Circle - (with Nick Chapman)
A one hour scripted Dramatic Series, with each episode dealing with a different addict's story and their journey to recover or relapse. Think "Grey's Anatomy" meets "House".

Blue Skies - (with Barney Cohen)
Two interweaving stories center around an alien encounter in the 1950s, and the present-day where the town holds a festival and tries to protect secrets about what really happened all those years ago.

High-End - (with Barney Cohen)
A high-end prostitute uses sex as a weapon to intimidate and control her powerful clients.