Lawrence Riggins
Writer-Director Lawrence Riggins has sold a dozen screenplays, has had five films produced, and has won more than thirty honors including the Samuel Goldwyn, Jack Nicholson, Chesterfield, Writers Digest, and Script Shark awards. He has written for SONY / Tristar Pictures, The Ruddy-Morgan Organization, Millennium Films, Paramount Pictures, 21st Century, ABC Television, Atlantis, MGM, FOX, Showtime, The Sci-Fi Channel, USA Network, and numerous Independent Feature Film and Television companies.

Professor Lawrence Riggins teaches screenwriting, directing, producing, critical studies, film analysis, film history, and distribution. He was a visiting professor at UCLA’s prestigious M.F.A. Screenwriting program where his advanced system was demonstrated to be “a quantum leap above all other curriculum in the world.” He is often invited to teach his copyrighted seminar on Story Structure.

Lawrence's original screenplay for REPLICANT, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, earned $20 million in presales at Cannes.
Gone With The Windshield
Think your job sucks?  Two incompatible CRASH TEST DUMMIES escape their oppressive auto manufacturing factory for a mythic road trip filled with hazards, evil people, and a secret mission!

A ghost cop possesses a coward to bust supernatural bad guys who dominate the underworld... uh, both underworlds.

Mad About Millie
Stan is secretly in love with mob family heiress Millie.  He learns he has become the father of her child via his anonymous sperm donation, but must win her heart without revealing this surprise... and without getting whacked.

The true story of the only casino heist ever committed by an NFL hall of famer… that we know of.  "Sideways" meets "Reservoir Dogs"