Mary Fry
Growing up in New Mexico put its indelible stamp on me with its pastel palettes and wide-open spaces. But nothing had prepared me for what I would find when I was offered a chance to study in Italy. I got lost among the medieval buildings, constant mist and subdued mystery of Northern Italy. Going on hunts for little known masterpieces from Milan and southward, experiencing each regionís cuisine, wine and people was just the start, and as a result I have just completed a literary novel based on my experiences in Italy called Denim & da Vinci. I recently adapted it into a screenplay, Ciao Bella!

I was conferred a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a minor in Art from the University of Nevada. I then attended New Mexico State University and graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in Art History. I have published an award-winning book of poetry, Adobe Doorways, (Pegasus award for creative writing, 1994), and have been published in the literary magazine The Brushfire.
Denim & da Vinci (Book)
Set in Italy, a young woman blossoms through adventure as she falls in love with art and Italy.

Ciao Bella! (Screenplay)
Based on the novel Denim & da Vinci.