We offer a diverse, international cross-section of Writers with original projects,
TV pilots and Web TV series-

from Drama, Comedy and Dramedy, to Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, thrilling Crime Dramas,
to Action/Adventure, even Westerns and Historical Fiction

(click each title below for a more detailed description.)
     8x 30/Animated Adult Dramedy

Circle Of Sharks
     12-24x 60/Crime Drama

New Saints
     13x 60/Crime Drama/Action/Adventure

     13x 60/Drama

Good Luck
     13x 30/Single Camera Comedy

     10x 60/Adventure/Drama

Disappear Here
     13x 60/Crime/Drama/Action

Project Janus
     12x 60/Sci-Fi/Crime Drama

Seed Of Darkness
     12x 60/Sci-Fi/Horror/Crime Drama

Space Diner
     12x 60/Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy

The Circle
     12x 60/Drama
     Optioned by London Media Group,
     Tori London, Producer

Robyn Hoodie
     13x 60/Dramedy
     In Development