Henry P. Gravelle

Henry P. Gravelle is a published author, screenwriter, and playwright with a catalog of award-winning stories, novellas, novels, plus feature and short film screenplays. As a Playwright, Henry's collection of One-Act and short plays are licensed through a service in London, UK.

Henry recently moved to Boca Raton, Florida from a lifetime in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit his website at: www.henrygravelle.com

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The Mulligan Caper
Leaving a harsh life for the freedom of traveling the rails, a young man learns the importance of survival, friendship and love within an ever changing world, especially when the past catches up.

The Igloo Boys
A few disgruntled workers rob the employers payroll office before they are laid off but unknown to them the money taken is mob money just loaned to the company. Now the thieves have more than the police after them, and no one has any idea where the money is.

The Beast Within
London Doctor Paul Barnet's blossoming career ceases when a botched surgery and brazen attack nearly takes his life. He seeks vengeance for his downfall through an alter ego, a beast within... Jack the Ripper.

Once Upon A Time In Texas
Horror can be imagined or real... either is best left alone. Folklore, myths, legends, fairy tales, begin as stories told and re-told by storytellers altering the narrative, adjust history or enhance events in order to bring amazement to their tome. The tale of Eddie, a slow-minded young Texas boy, abused by family and friends, is no different. The story turns into a series of possibilities driven by local lore of abandoned trains and forgotten lives, re-visited Once Upon a Time...

The midnight express has more than a mountain storm to contend with.

A specimen canister ejected from the Russian MIR space station is accidentally opened releasing mysterious, invisible creatures with an insatiable appetite.

Heredity House
A woman brings a few friends to a house she inherited deep in the Everglades. They soon discover she inherited a whole lot more.

Five Card
Five bored, small town teens search for excitement and find a hidden horror.

Double Walker
Ben's shadow appears during an electrical storm beginning a series of strangulation' s.

Two brothers, one chose a badge, the other a gun.

Baby Land
A small Vermont town is turned upside down by a number of unexplained deaths. What they discover is unimaginable.