Jay Gable
Born in Chicago, Jay Gable was quickly shipped out by his adoptive parents to New York at the ripe old age of eleven-days. Raised in the Bronx, surrounded by a large, very-mixed, close-knit Runyonesque family, Jay’s house was always full of colorful characters. His most vivid memory of watching his first football game is of, Sol-the-Bird, Lunch, and Knucks, the three bookies on the couch teaching him point spreads.

That canvas of chaos led Jay into writing and directing in his unique style. His award winning short films all have a distinctive New York heart to them. Grandma’s Malocchio, Of Old Dogs and New Tricks, and Heads and Tails played at many major fests and garnered numerous awards, Best Film, Best Comedy, Best Director, and by far his favorite, the Audience Award winner at the Palm Springs Int’l Fest of Short Films on a slate just shy of four-hundred films.

Jay’s produced, Reel Jokes for HBO, partnered in NexTen Editing, a Manhattan-based post production company for commercials, industrials, and Independent Film. He recently produced the feature Hoboken Tales, a modern take on Canterbury tales with Hoboken N.J. serving as the setting. It’s comprised of the three above shorts serving as; The Pizzaboy’s Tale, Barber’s Tale, and Fishmonger’s Tale, along with Follow The Bouncing Ball as the Baker’s Tale.
In 2014, Jay’s turning to writing full time. He’s sold one script and optioned three others. Living in a quaint town on the Hudson, fifteen miles from Manhattan, Jay’s living proof, you can take the boy out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the Bronx out of the boy. From thriller to broad comedy, Jay’s trademark New York stamp will always impress his pages.
The Back Nine    (Optioned & in pre-Production)
A dangerous mercenary forces three investment bankers to play a simple game of golf - for their lives.