Bob Bland
Whether in co-founding University Middle School out of the UCLA Graduate School of Education or opening over 1300 new accounts with high-level construction contractors, or currently pursuing a career as a screenwriter, people enjoy having me on their team. Why? Because for some reason I have always seemed to be able to get along with people on the way to achieving my goals. That means even getting along with those that others seemed to find difficult.

In my current writing career, I have had the good fortune to be mentored by such instructors as Corey Mandel, Barney Lichtenstein, and working writers at the UCLA Writer’s Program. These ladies and gentlemen have not only given me the skill-sets to be a great writer, but also have given me the tools to be able to work with top level producers and directors on a personal level.

My passion is writing in the drama/romance/thriller genres. I have the audacity to strive to entertain, educate, and inspire thru my writing. I take “making a difference” to be a serious personal responsibility.
You may wonder, or not, about why I tend to write in the drama/romance genres. Thing is I have a wife, 4 daughters, 3 sons, and a female dog. 4 grandchildren are also part of the mix. Drama and romance just seem to somehow come naturally. Oh, to clarify, three of our children are called “sons and daughter-in-law.” Gotta run. The phone is ringing. Probably more drama or perhaps something “thrilling” is about to happen. Stay tuned.
Doc Band-Aid
A destitute, alcoholic war vet finds his former fiancée twelve years later in Venice Beach, California. Although she is a shrewd business woman engaged to another man, he determines to win back her love by confronting his demons and resurrecting his fledgling art career.

The Melrose Jazz Club
When a brilliant, dashing jazz pianist bent on defeating his arch rival in a prestigious national competition is faced with a horrifying, life-threatening challenge, he instinctively turns to a plucky, untrained waitress for musical support.

Murder On The Italian Riviera
When a respected criminology professor gets arrested for the murder of a graduate student, she unexpectedly chooses a trusted former lover to be her defense attorney. This sets off a desperate journey to find the murderer and prove her innocence.

Murder On The Isle Of Capri
When a criminology professor takes over the research for a murdered colleague, she becomes the target of a ruthless secret international business cartel bent on world economic domination. She then goes on a desperate journey to expose the cartel and bring it to justice. (in development)

Daddy, What Are We Going To Do?
When a nearly bankrupt man is faced with the emotional breakup of his family, he goes on a journey of deception and half-truths in a desperate attempt to secure a job that could save his marriage and reestablish his dignity.
(in development)

Grandpa’s Packard
When an old man can’t decide who to will his classic ’35 Packard to, he decides to host a Texas Hold ’em card party for the whole family with the winner of the card game inheriting the car. All hell breaks loose when the kids and their families descent on the event. (in development)