Arthur McClen
Arthur McClen has gone from taxi driver to writer in just a few short years.

His pilot teleplay, The Meltdown Pot has garnered critical praise stating:
".... the concept of these culturally different characters intertwined, is refreshing and original" - Marc Gross, Supervising Producer of Mike and Molly.

In addition, his dramatic screenplay True American has been called "Oscar worthy" by director Anna J Foerster (Criminal Minds, Army Wives, Unforgettable)

When not putting down pen to paper, McClen can be found leading writer’s workshops, public speaking and dealing with the media.
True American
2001, a preacher and an Afghan-American are thrust into war ravaged Afghanistan and are forced to decide between justice and forgiveness.

Under the Same Sky
Omar, an Afghan-American, goes to Afghanistan and attempts to save his ten year old cousin, Nazanine, from a warlord forcing her to marry him.

Timeless Destiny
Using the Talisman of Destiny, a Native-American artifact, Victor Clark's own father kidnaps Victor's pregnant wife, taking her back through time -- to a dusty Old West railroad town -- 1905 Las Vegas.