Moving Day (working title) - Julia Hague
In the future there will be no superheroes. Just you and me. We will be the ordinary people who stand and face Armageddon. You and I will either stand up & fight back or be swallowed by the dark forces of evil. Out of ordinary will come extraordinary.

Denim & da Vinci - Mary Fry
Set in Italy, a young woman blossoms through adventure as she falls in love with art and Italy. Recently made into a screenplay titled Ciao Bella!

The Eocene Event - Gibbes McDowell
A sleeping menace from the Earth’s long distant past is awakened from its 40 million year slumber by a team of scientists and explorers sampling an ancient fossil wall hidden deep within the shadows of a Southern swamp. Unknown to modern times, and genetically resistant to all attempts to contain it, the ancient killer begins its relentless march seaward, to a biological Armageddon, eating and killing everything and everyone in its path. The one, slim chance to stop it is hidden in the genetic code of a previously thought extinct species. The race to develop a biological solution to this eminent ecological disaster is compromised when a secret Government agency and rogue pharmaceutical company compete to steal the formula.

The Sun Sets Twice - Doug Peake
October, 1919. The battered body of Suzanne de Lamothe, the most notorious madam of Belle Époque Paris, is found wedged under a tree limb along the banks of the Seine. Her death is ruled accidental. But Jennie Latmore, Suzanne’s long time friend, knows it is murder. Terrified at the prospect of revealing that knowledge Jennie locks that dark secret deep within her soul.

Winter, 1966, Christmas Eve. A young Frenchwoman claiming to be Suzanne’s granddaughter arrives at elderly Jennie’s door, accuses Jennie of murder and demands to know the truth. Jennie’s past has at last caught up with her. No longer able to hold back the secret that has tormented her for nearly five decades Jennie tells the young woman the story of her loving and turbulent friendship with the beautiful, ambitious, fiercely independent but deeply troubled Suzanne de Lamothe; of Suzanne’s rise from poverty and obscurity to wealth and fame; the powerful men who loved her and the one man she loved but could never have. The woman who became the symbol of eroticism in an age that kept such things quiet and behind closed doors.
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