Emerson Bixby

Emerson Bixby began writing in the ’80’s, and has since penned over a hundred screenplays, both on spec and on assignment. His films include Bikini Island, Last Dance, the Malcolm McDowell psychological thriller Disturbed, and 2017’s The Man From Earth: Holocene, which he also Executive Produced, starring David Lee Smith, Vanessa Williams, William Katt and Michael Dorn. Bixby’s producing credits include the all-star mockumentary Welcome To Hollywood, starring Adam Rifkin and Angie Everhart, the horror drama Lisl and the Lorlok and Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth, starring John Billingsly, Tony Todd and William Katt.

Bixby and his father, Jerome Bixby, collaborated on several stories and screenplays intended as sequels to Jerome’s 1966 sci-fi classic, Fantastic Voyage. All of Jerome and Emerson’s proposed sequels have since been purchased by 20th Century Fox, for the upcoming Guillermo del Toro/James Cameron remake, which Bixby will co-produce.

Bixby’s production company, Falling Sky Entertainment, currently has two projects in the works; INRI, a feature based on Bixby’s short film of the same name spoofing the crucifixion, and Judgment, which will begin filming in 2018. Bixby lives in Hemet, California, with his wife Amy and their two children. In addition to filmmaking, Bixby also co-owns the Historic Hemet Theater, one of the oldest theaters in North America, which shows classic, foreign and independent films.
Snow Angels
Returning to his childhood home for his parents funeral, Glen discovers a box hidden beneath the floorboards of their cabin, containing newspaper clippings to a murder spree going back forty years. Were one or both of his loving parents serial killers?

Murder for Dummies
One simple murder to cover up a hit & run leads to another murder, and another, and another, with comically suspenseful results.

Hide & Kill
Five woman trapped in an abandoned asylum, with three ruthless killers and a psychotic mental patient who’s been living in the basement since the place closed down.

On a secluded mountain, seven friends find themselves under attack by a pack of feral mutants. Co-written by acclaimed sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, whose credits include the original “Star Trek”, “Twilight Zone,” “Fantastic Voyage” and “The Man From Earth.”

Fifteen dangerous characters find themselves trapped in an abandoned prison, and are given until dawn to eliminate each other. Non-stop action, good characters, a dose of comedy relief, and a few surprises.

Small group of police, S.W.A.T. and civilians trapped in a recently closed prison with a monster. Very dark, VERY suspenseful, in the tradition of “ALIEN” and “The Thing”.

An injured woman in the desert, being pursued by a very hungry vampire. Hands down, in all humility, this might be the best vampire script since the original “Nosferatu”. Genuinely suspenseful, thoroughly original, with a killer twist ending.

The Flower and the Sky
In the last school on earth, housing the last of mankind’s children, a stranger arrives, intent on acquainting them with the very humanity they have been denied.

Boot Hill
Three friends reopen an old cemetery that’s been closed for thirty years, and everything goes wrong. Like accidently cremating the wrong stiff the night before the open-casket funeral, and the dog who keeps digging up stiffs, searching for his deceased master. Then there’s the IRS, the Sheriff’s daughter, and the millions of dollars in loot hidden somewhere on the grounds. Very funny.

Somewhere and the Night
Intertwining plot lines following the final few days of some profoundly unstable people -- a suicidal detective, a disillusioned serial killer, a desperate prostitute and others -- whose lives are about to collide. Very dark, very original.

The Trouble With Mommy
An unstable teenager collecting his dead mother’s donated organs. Very funny, and effectively gut-wrenching.

A young girl befriends a deformed man, living alone on a secluded mountain.

Time’s Two
Sixteen year old Billy is befriended by seventy-six year old William, who is himself, from the future; returned in time to prevent a catastrophe. Co-written by acclaimed sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, whose credits include the original “Star Trek”, “Twilight Zone,” “Fantastic Voyage” and “The Man From Earth.”

Zombie dinosaurs terrorizing a secluded island community. Good characters, comically horrific deaths, outrageous action sequences, and some thoroughly original plot twists.

Go to Hell
People within a movie theater inexplicably begin mutilating themselves and killing each other. Outrageous off-the-wall horror.

Swallow’s Flight
A Chinese Woman married to an abusive Caucasian Police Officer, is befriended by a young Vietnamese home invasion robber. Character oriented drama.

Paul, a loving husband and father, is captured and tortured by Grace; a young woman who blames him for her rape three years earlier, and the murder of her sister. Quite possibly the most hands-on violent script ever written, with a horrific twist ending. “Hard Candy” meets “Saw”.

Alien Ninja
Alien Ninja, a super hero from outer space, fights villains and monsters, while attempting to rescue an intergalactic princess, trapped on Earth. Off-the-wall action.

Final Frontier
An alien Marshal attempting to recapture escaped Alien prisoners, after their transport ship crashes in Earth’s Old West. Pilot for proposed sci-fi series.

Hole in the Sky
An over-the-top secret agent attempts to stop a madman from destroying the world by intentionally destroying the ozone layer. High-concept sci-fi action, with a touch of tongue-incheek humor. Co-written by acclaimed sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, whose credits include the original “Star Trek”, “Twilight Zone,” “Fantastic Voyage” and “The Man From Earth.”

Star of Darkness
A mild-mannered engineer reluctantly joins a military mission to a distant world; to terminate a renegade Colonel who’s perpetrating genocide upon an alien species. Essentially “Apocalypse Now” on an alien world. Good action, fun characters.

Enormous monster terrorizing beach-side community; part scorpion, part alligator. Good characters, horrific deaths, unexpected laughs. Better than the ridiculous title suggests.

Joie de Vivre
Slapstick comedy about a duffle-bag filled with cash, traveling from one person to the next, and the next, everyone meeting untimely ends. Non-stop laughs, in the tradition of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “What’s Up, Doc?” Very funny.

Matthew, and his five-year-old daughter, Beth, are among the 1% of those affected by a zombie outbreak who have remained cognizant, not killing and devouring humans like the remaining 99%. “Losters” as they come to be called, although non-violent, are hunted and destroyed. And Matthew will do anything to protect his child, as he and Beth are pursued by a dogged Zombie Hunter over the next thirty years. Essentially “Les Miserables” with Zombies. Some good scares and original action, but overall a drama about a father’s unending love for his child.

Seven-year-old Molly befriends a baby T-Rex named Terrie, who speaks and eats apple pies. Heartwarming children’s story.

America’s newest defense against terrorists; killer robots. The mission goes south when the plane is shot down, and the support group is captured by terrorists. They have only hours before the Shredders arrive and kill everyone. Strong characters, original non-stop action. Co-written by acclaimed sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, whose credits include the original “Star Trek”, “Twilight Zone,” “Fantastic Voyage” and “The Man From Earth.”

Meteor crashes in small desert community, and monsters emerge to cause mayhem. A homage to 1950’s sci-fi. Very funny.

Volcano vs. Twister
Super volcano discovered beneath New York. Eruption within the year will kill all life on earth. Only way to prevent it; a man-made super twister, the likes of which has never been seen. Will hopefully blow out the volcano, as dynamite will blow out an oil well fire. Ridiculous premise notwithstanding, this is a good script. Better than “Twister”, far better than “Volcano.” I wrote it with SyFy Channel in mind, but it’s really pretty good. Original action, good characters.

Distraught at the murder of his wife by car-jackers, John infiltrates the largest car-jacking ring on the west coast, to burn it down from the inside. “Death Wish” on wheels.

Maximum Security
Mercenaries take over a prison, intent on freeing drug dealer Victor Kadell. They miss two people; Frank, the tough cop who put Victor away, and Jerry, the happy-go-lucky car thief who was in the middle of his own escape when the shooting started. Non-stop action, a few laughs.

Seven Strangers
Desperate to rid their small town of motercycle thugs, the townspeople hire seven saviors; retired hitman, vigilante, former IRA, beautiful karate instructor, tough cop, criminal whom tough cop was chasing, and an out-of-work B actor. A homage to 1970’s action films; non-stop action, a few laughs.

To The Death
Deep in the wilderness, after accidently killing a female wolf, a photographer finds himself being stalked by the wolf’s vengeful mate.

Beautiful woman poses as an erotic dancer to track down the people who raped and murdered her sister. I actually wrote this on a dare, but it came out okay. Lots of action, and an exceptionally creepy villain.