Jeremy Pack
After graduating from college in Virginia in 1992 with degrees in Psychology and Economics & Business, Jeremy decided to forego grad school and make the trek to Los Angeles aspiring to be on film and make films. His plan was to basically become the next Paul Newman, Warren Beatty and Orson Welles rolled up into one. He started getting parts on soaps and commercials. He played a cop in Tupac’s “Holler If Ya Hear Me”. He got numerous opportunities for nice roles on T.V. and film and was down to the wire on many of them.

He worked his way up the production ladder from Production Assistant on Roger Corman films to Associate Editor, Story Editor Assistant and 2nd Unit Camera Operator to Post-Production Supervisor, Digital Film Producer and Digital Intermediate Producer on T.V. shows and film. He took lighting classes and became 2nd Camera Assistant certified through extension coursework at U.C.L.A. He started writing, shooting, lighting, editing, producing and directing a variety of short and long-form content for others and for himself. You’ve heard of a triple threat. Well, he became heptagonal.

A 24min. short film that he produced, directed and edited called These Boots are Made for Walken has been accepted into twenty-three film festivals and has won eight awards so far. He’s written two feature scripts that are ready to produce. Twenty-four years later he is currently seeking funding to produce and direct the first of those two feature scripts called Moonshine, which takes place around the beginnings of NASCAR. His ultimate goal is to work as a writer/director and build a farmed-out working studio/film laboratory in Virginia that will produce entertaining films about the human condition and to teach others how to do the same.
Wild Bill in Winter
An antic-filled day in the life of “Wild” Bill Gentry as he struggles with his manhood after a life-altering surgery and copes with the death of his daughter.

Moonshine lives in the fabric of late 1950s Americana when the best racecar drivers were racing on dirt tracks by day and runnin’ illegal moonshine by night. Runnin’ moonshine is in young Pepper Barnes’ blood, but his heart is on those dirt racetracks.

Pepper’s on one last moonshine run when the unthinkable happens, giving him no choice but to let his family and friends take him for dead. That’s when Pepper Barnes’ journey really begins.

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