Sarah Czuprynski
Sarah Czuprynski grew up in Orland Park; a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois. There, she was a combined sports jock and math and science nerd with a secret passion for screenwriting.

It wasn’t until late high school that Sarah knew she wanted to pursue comedy writing; specifically dry, sarcastic, dark comedy which best matches up with her deadpan personality.

She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Film & Television. During her time at Tisch, Sarah focused on comedy writing for half hour sitcoms and sketch TV. She won the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award for a short comedy script of hers.

Sarah believes that laughter is the best mark to leave behind in this world and she intends to do just that with her writing.
A rebellious, female, high school tennis player lives a double life as a male, shape-shifting superhero.

The Ward    (Optioned & in pre-Production)
Strange, supernatural things start happening after a young teen is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The White Room    (Optioned)
When a cynical college student returns home for Fall Break, she becomes suspicious as events surrounding her father’s death turn out to be more sinister than she originally believed.

Tommy’s Legacy
Kris Jepson’s seemingly perfect, college life collapses the day her father unexpectedly dies. When she’s given a second chance with him beyond the grave, she ultimately discovers what it truly means to be alive.

Sex Happens
Dr. Alexandra Rose is blindsided when her husband leaves her for another woman on their 20th wedding anniversary.
Story by: Carol Soloway & Screenplay by: Sarah Czuprynski

When The Gun Goes Off
When a female high school track team is kidnapped by a masked sociopath and brought to a caged track in the middle of nowhere, they must literally run for their lives.