Sarah Czuprynski
Sarah Czuprynski grew up in Orland Park; a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois. There, she was a combined sports jock and math and science nerd with a secret passion for screenwriting.

It wasn’t until late high school that Sarah knew she wanted to pursue comedy writing; specifically dry, sarcastic, dark comedy which best matches up with her deadpan personality.

She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Film & Television. During her time at Tisch, Sarah focused on comedy writing for half hour sitcoms and sketch TV. She won the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award for a short comedy script of hers.

Sarah believes that laughter is the best mark to leave behind in this world and she intends to do just that with her writing.
A lesbian, teenage superhero transforms into a straight man to solve crimes.

Psych Unit
Strange, supernatural things start happening after a young teen is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Ellie Jekyll (TV series)
Ellie Jekyll, a 17 year old outcast living in the outskirts of Oregon takes an antidote created by her great grandfather, Dr. Jekyll, and releases her evil, alter-ego, Angelica Hyde.

Serial Killing U (TV series)
Serial Killing U focuses on an underground university and its students, all of whom are majoring in the Art of Serial Killing.