L. C. Cruell
L.C. Cruell is a Writer/Director of festival/award winning, critically-acclaimed, international cult hit web series (31), short films, and feature anthologies as well as feature screenplays, episodic pilots/series bibles, game, spec, and short scripts. Her work has garnered her over Three Dozen festival/award wins. An Honors graduate of both Duke University and Harvard Law School, Cruell has also been an author of 25 published short stories, Film Critic at multiple publications, Attorney, Freelance Writer/Editor, Entrepreneur and member of Women in Film and Television, Science Fiction Writers of America, Mensa, Triple 9, The Organization of Black Screenwriters and she is an American Association of University Women Professional Fellow, a James Clyburn Fellow, and a NATPE Diversity Fellow.

In the past year alone, her script Crimson was selected for a National Endowment of the Arts program, her project Flesh for fiscal sponsorship by non-profit From The Heart Productions, and she was named one of the Inaugural Shudder Labs Fellows for her feature project Un-Seen. In addition, she has created and is currently moving forward with the 1st all Black Female written and directed horror anthology “7 Magpies”.

The Four (Supernatural / Thriller / Dark Comedy)
Four losers discover they may be destined to become the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Neph (Supernatural Thriller)
The tale of the last 6 Nephilim, offspring of Fallen Angels and Humans, as they fight to survive in a world where both the forces of good and evil consider them abominations.

31 (Supernatural / Horror / Thriller)
The war between the living and the dead takes a new turn. And it needs a hero... her. Even though she has no idea who she is beyond the number “31” branded into her hand. Based on the critically acclaimed, multiple-festival-winning, 11 distribution deal, cult hit web series 31.


The Sitter (Horror / Suspense Thriller)
You let her through your door. You leave her in your home. You leave her alone with your children. You think she is harmless. But what if you are wrong? So very wrong.The Strangers meets Home Alone.

Crimson (Supernatural / Horror)
Vampires in the Ivy League. When small town, country boy Will Cross gets into the best Ivy League college in the country, he was prepared to face off against snobs. He was not prepared for Vampires. The Skulls meets The Lost Boys. Also works as a pilot.
(Based in part on the writer's own experiences attending Harvard Law School.) Selected, Cultiv8 (National Endowment of the Arts Program); Finalist: Shriekfest, Horror Screenplay Contest, 20/20 Screenwriting Contest, etc.

Last Call For Angels (Supernatural Thiller / Action / Dark Fantasy)
Dangerously dysfunctional humans and angels gather at a bar on a night, which, depending on how things go there, could be the end of the world.
(Finalist: Roy W. Dean Writer’s Grant, Indiefest Chicago Film Festival, Cyclone Screenwriters Project; Top 10%, Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition.)

The Guardians (Sci-Fi / Action / Conspiracy Thriller)
THEY are everywhere. THEY have manipulated mankind from behind the scenes for a hundred years, are now ready to emerge, and have only thing standing in their way... her. The X-Files meets The X-Men. Also works as a pilot.
(Winner, Breakthrough with a Scream Contest; Finalist: Shriekfest, Cynosure Screenwriting Awards.)

Lizzie (Classic Horror / Thriller)
When Lizzie Borden's axe arrives in town, people start dying.
It Follows meets Final Destination meets A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Burning (aka Samarra, Solar Storm) (Sci-Fi / Horror)
Apocalyptic disaster thriller where bank robbers and their hostages find themselves trapped, cut-off, and at odds as a solar flare storm destroys power and communications and unleashes a burning, raging madness quickly destroying humanity. It could happen tomorrow. Fear the light.

Armageddon At Coffeeheaven (Tertiary-Life-Crisis Comedy / Action)
Sharp-tongued young workers put snobby patrons and people from their past in their place while piecing together their own as-of-yet unfulfilled lives and dreams in the midst of a cataclysmically chaotic coffeehouse.
Clerks meets Caddyshack.
(Grand Prize Winner, Expose It! Screenplay Competition; Winner, Screenplay Festival.)


7 Magpies
            (Optioned & in pre-Production)

Created by L.C. Cruell. Screenplay by L.C. Cruell. The First All African-American Female Written & Directed Horror Anthology. 7 attached African-American female directors (L.C. Cruell, Rae Dawn Chong, Tiffany D. Jackson, R. Shanea Williams, Meosha Bean, Nicole Renee Simmons, Lary Love Dolley) will film a dark summer of connected stories visited upon a sleepy Southern town based on the works of 7 attached top African-American female horror authors(L.C. Cruell, Tananarive Due, Valjeanne Jeffers, Crystal Connor, Eden Royce, Paula Ashe, Sumiko Saulson).
7 Magpies Movie

Mistresses Of Horror
Created by L.C. Cruell. Written by L.C. Cruell, Linda S. Scott, and Diana Kemp, this award-winning feature script will be an all-female-written-and-directed horror anthology that, much likeTales From the Crypt, will brand and create the first multi-media franchise of its kind under the “Mistresses of Horror” banner providing “great horror, by women, for everyone” from movies to books to comics both showcasing and launching the work of great female artists throughout the genre. 10 Top Female Genre Directors already Attached: Jennifer Lynch, Mary Lambert, Katt Shea, Rachel Talalay, Karen Lam, Devi Snively, Maude Michaud, Barbara Stepansky, Tammi Sutton, and Mae Catt.
Mistresses Of Horror Facebook Page