Diane Meyer
Diane is a full-time writer / producer.

Specialties include book adaptations, drama and comedies.

She is also a consultant on true-life stories for the Robb Entertainment Group and is available for re-writes in this genre.

Traded For Lies
When a risk-taking journalist helps a trafficking victim return home, she sets off a chain of events that jeopardizes the lives of an entire orphanage. Traded for Lies is a character driven, female protagonist Action Thriller. Set on the planes of Zambia, this riveting story reflects the true life events of African women caught in trafficking where they are still slaves in the modern world.

Robyn Hoodie    (In Development)
Architect Robyn Hoode lands a prestigious job designing a multimillion dollar boutique for the snooty Stella Seymour. Robyn’s thrill until she discovers Stella’s desire to oust the poor and homeless inhabiting the coveted property. This sets off a chain of events leading to Robyn’s untimely termination and forcing her into bankruptcy where she becomes one of those she’s trying to save. Enter in George, Stella’s ex, who teaches Robyn to live up to her name and together they steal Stella’s prized possession, causing the ultimate showdown between Robyn and Stella.