Doug Peake

Doug Peake is a former Warner Brothers corporate manager and the author of the historical novel action/romance trilogy series, The Sun Sets Twice, Book One of which is available for Kindle download. Book Two is currently under development.

Doug has three original screenplays under exclusive contract. All projects have producers attached and two projects have notable domestic and internationally known directors attached. One project is slated for production as early as Fall, 2015, and is produced and directed by the producer/director of a well-known long-running network TV series.

Doug’s original screenplays have been finalists in, and received Honorable Mention from, the Writers Network, Santa Fe Film Festival, the Maryland Film Festival and Baltimore Film Office (2014), and the LA-based Screenplay Festival (2014). Doug’s specialty is action adventure. His tenure as a film and TV actor has proven to be an invaluable aid to his writing of crisp, actable, in-the-moment dialog.

Doug’s entertainment business experience developed at Warner Brothers coupled with 17 years writing experience, five years camera acting experience, and his love of the action/adventure genre served him well in the design and creation two of his screenplays currently under contract: Confederado; and his Chinese epic, The Eagle & the Dragon.

Doug splits his time between Los Angeles, California and Park City, Utah. In Park City he has a collection of beloved companions that include three cats, two small dogs, and a dozen Utah Ground Squirrels and several rabbits that reside in the wild in his back yard.
Through The Waters    (Optioned)
After his five year-old son is killed in the crossfire of teen gang violence a disillusioned Harvard rower finds joy in life again by molding an unlikely group of warring urban teen gangsters into a crack team of sweep rowers with a single mission: defeat the ivy league high school state rowing champions.

Sax Man
After witnessing a mob murder, two friends flee to a small fisherman’s town, while still being hunted by the mob.

In 1970s Baltimore, a shoe salesman tries to find himself and get his love life together with the help from his eccentric co-workers.

After the Civil War destroys America, a veteran and his friend move to Brazil only to get caught up in a new conflict.

An elf stows away on Santa’s sleigh and accidentally gets left behind in New York City.

The Eagle & The Dragon
Set against the turmoil of the 1900 Boxer Rebellion a Chinese prince, fighting to free his country from the chains of Western imperialism, clashes with a U.S. marine determined to prevent the annihilation of his countrymen.
            (Optioned - international director attached)
            (Chinese Historical Epic)
The Sun Sets Twice (Book)
October, 1919. The battered body of Suzanne de Lamothe, the most notorious madam of Belle Époque Paris, is found wedged under a tree limb along the banks of the Seine. Her death is ruled accidental. But Jennie Latmore, Suzanne’s long time friend, knows it is murder. Terrified at the prospect of revealing that knowledge Jennie locks that dark secret deep within her soul.

Winter, 1966, Christmas Eve. A young Frenchwoman claiming to be Suzanne’s granddaughter arrives at elderly Jennie’s door, accuses Jennie of murder and demands to know the truth. Jennie’s past has at last caught up with her. No longer able to hold back the secret that has tormented her for nearly five decades Jennie tells the young woman the story of her loving and turbulent friendship with the beautiful, ambitious, fiercely independent but deeply troubled Suzanne de Lamothe; of Suzanne’s rise from poverty and obscurity to wealth and fame; the powerful men who loved her and the one man she loved but could never have. The woman who became the symbol of eroticism in an age that kept such things quiet and behind closed doors.

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