Written by: George V. Ghanem
Genre: Drama
Format: One-hour, 10 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible, TV Pilot Script
The hardened Madame of a Cuban brothel attempts to leave her dismal life behind by becoming the headmistress of an all-girls boarding school. But her plan to flee is foiled by the tyrannical Cuban mob family that runs the depraved international human trafficking ring. Juliet quickly realizes that debauchery and greed know no bounds, not even those surrounding the most innocent.

Eastern Promises meets Belle De Jour in this present-day tale of two contrasting worlds: the innocent and pure mixed with blood, sweat, and seduction. Set within the architecturally diverse and dated streets of Havana, Cuba, Juliet offers a stark reality to one of the world’s oldest and most prevalent corrupted professions.