Created by and Written by: Jonathan Katz

Type of show: Serialized Adult Dramedy animated television series.
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Format: 30-minutes, 8 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible, Scripts for 8 Episodes.

Bloodworth was one of five finalists in the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Welcome to Bloodworth:

A gruesome criminal enterprise disguised as a junior high school. Precious few know the truth. Not the students. Not the parents. Not even the teachers.

But one precocious eighth grader has her suspicions... And what she’s about to uncover will set into motion a series of harrowing revelations about the school, its students, and the hidden nature of cruelty and violence within our institutions and ourselves.

At Bloodworth, actions have consequences. Children grow and change. Lead characters die. What results is a show that mixes rapid-fire comedy, serial mystery,
and coming-of-age pathos in one big, bloody package.