Created by and Written by: Lawrence Riggins

Type of show: Eerie episodic Detective television series featuring sinister villains and
     a protagonist who is a household name worldwide.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror/Crime Drama
Format: One-hour, 12 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible with Treatments for twelve Episodes, Character Biographies
     and three Seasons. Adapted from an award-winning stage play.

Interested Talent: Dermot Mulroney, Ed Asner, Michael Nouri, John Savage,
     Rob Steinberg (Twelve Years A Slave), Vincent Spano

Infamous horror detective author and womanizer Edgar Poe mends his misspent life by using his newborn sciences of CSI and criminal profiling to apprehend earthly felons.

Poe’s team of misfits - his ex-fiancé, an escaped slave, and an alcoholic attorney - readily capture shrewd mortal foes until the universe unleashes a sinister immortal Nemesis and paranormal entities so powerful the stakes are raised to world domination.

Adapted teleplay: Based on the award-winning critically acclaimed stage play, Seed of Darkness integrates supernatural thriller with the detective story starring the creator of the genre himself.