Story by: Jeremy Iversen
Written by: Jeremy Iversen & Trent Olsen

Type of show: Global action-adventure Crime Drama with mythic elements from the
     Latin American tradition of magic realism. A serialized television series with a multi-
     ethnic cast, intrigue and international power-politics among transnational criminal
Genre: Crime Drama/Action/Adventure
Format: One-hour, 13 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible

Duped by their corrupt uncle into running guns for a quick buck, two working-class Texan brothers plunge headlong into the Mexican drug cartel wars on a journey that echoes ancient myth.

Embracing the danger and glamor of gang-ruled Mexico, they soon can’t tell if the lifestyle is a dream or a nightmare, especially when whispers of their cosmic Mayan destiny grow deafening. They band with a team of feared enforcers to stay safe from-and ultimately overthrow-the entire toxic system, transforming from naïve couriers to global mercenaries... and finally to the saints of a new legend.