Story and Written by: Jeremy Iversen
Type of show: Intricate dark and treacherous serialized television series where anyone can die
     at anytime. Creating a firestorm of social media buzz over who will die next.
Genre: Drama/Action
Format: One-hour, 13 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible
In 2015, Los Angeles filed away 705 missing-adult reports as unsolved. The L.A.P.D. lacks the resources to save their own citizens from unknown fates. Disappear Here follows six uniquely skilled vigilantes who take it upon themselves to rescue the “lost cause” adult kidnapping victims that our justice system has abandoned.

The team members, assembled by the mysterious millionaire and convicted criminal John Wallace, operate outside police bureaucracy. They employ a broad range of unorthodox tactics and use any force necessary to hunt down their criminal quarry in a way no beat cop can, and bring human beings shackled away in darkness back into the light. . . .