Created by, Stories by and Written by: Mikael Paul Atienza & Aaron Huisenfeldt

Type of show: Mysterious, dark fantasy Sci-Fi serialized television series with Native American
     and multicultural characters and themes.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy
Format: One-hour, 12 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot script, TV Show Bible

Talent attachments: Wes Studi, Eric Schweig, Paradox Pollack, James Duval
and Executive Producer, Christopher Broughton (with distribution for all of Asia)

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The year is 2075 in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Earth-like alien humanoids that seeded Earth with humans eons ago have begun a secretive and subversive takeover of Earth by cloning or eliminating powerful people.

The only person standing in their way is Jett, a half-breed mix of Alien and Earthling with special abilities. Jett gets captured and is to be executed on an earth-like alien planet. Jett’s love Stella must travel to the alien planet through a portal called the Space Diner, a 50’s-style diner that connects the alien planet to Earth. Stella must rescue Jett so he can save the world from subversive takeover.

Space Diner
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