Created by and Stories by: Lawrence Riggins
Written by: Lawrence Riggins & Kate Queen

Type of show: Near-future dystopian thriller, an episodic procedural Detective television series
     with Sci-Fi elements.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Crime Drama
Format: One-hour, 12 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible including Treatment for Pilot, Characters and three Seasons.

In each controversial episode, psychiatrist-mother-cop Anna Demetre partners with a newly-formed clone to exploit its genetic memory and telepathy to apprehend perpetrators, save lives of intended victims, close cold cases, infiltrate criminal organizations, and sometimes act with vigilante justice.

Team Janus is billionaire biologist Clausen Enki, one man SWAT team Sgt. Orion, and Surrogate - the biological super computer who manipulates the replicating process, decides the clones are her “children” and demands to be called Mother.