Gibbes McDowell
Third generation native of Beaufort South Carolina, Gibbes McDowell has explored every swamp, hammock and briar patch of his beloved Lowcountry seeking wild game and even wilder stories for fifty years and writing about it for twenty. Beginning with short stories for sporting magazines, co-authoring several coffee table books, and co-producing an archaeological documentary for SC ETV, his growing passion for writing compelled him to tackle something weightier. While on a camping trip in the swamps of the Savannah River thirty years ago Gibbes discovered a giant fossil wall hidden deep in the jungle. His BA degree in history piqued, Gibbes had a scientist at the University of South Carolina carbon date the giant fossil oysters he had found, and discovered them to be 40 Million year old relics from the Eocene period of Earth’s history! He pondered what the world was like back then, what killed off these magnificent creatures? Could it happen again, and what other mysteries unknown to modern science might have laid buried in that ancient past? The Eocene Event was born.

Gibbes has completed a second novel, Driftwood Cory: Redemption’s Crossing, and has two others in working draft.
The Eocene Event (Book)
A sleeping menace from the Earth’s long distant past is awakened from its 40 million year slumber by a team of scientists and explorers sampling an ancient fossil wall hidden deep within the shadows of a Southern swamp. Unknown to modern times, and genetically resistant to all attempts to contain it, the ancient killer begins its relentless march seaward, to a biological Armageddon, eating and killing everything and everyone in its path. The one, slim chance to stop it is hidden in the genetic code of a previously thought extinct species. The race to develop a biological solution to this eminent ecological disaster is compromised when a secret Government agency and rogue pharmaceutical company compete to steal the formula. The race against time and history to prevent a world wide oceanic extinction is the story of “The Eocene Event”.