Julia Hague
A writer in the science fiction world since her early teens, Julia has a passion for story-telling and a unique narrative style which engages her reader with the landscape and characters she has created.

Born and raised in London, England, Julia began her first serious foray into writing in her early teens, when she wrote a story for a “Dr Who” competition for the BBC. Highly commended and having her work displayed at the BBC gave her a taste to continue and a love of science fiction and narrating.

In the early 2000’s Julia wrote a spec episode for the TV series, “Stargate SG1” in conjunction with her late screenplay writing twin brother, Philip Fraser-Andrews, based in LA. Although this episode offering was not taken up by the studio, it gave her a good grounding in the art of screenwriting within the world of science fiction film and television.

In 2007 Julia found herself taking on the role of playwright and her first, well-loved play went onto the stage in Toronto in 2007. The play - for women - on body image and self-esteem, went on to raise thousands of dollars for charity in Canada.

However, in 2014 Julia decided to turn her attention back to her real love, story-telling, and saw her first book published in 2016.

The book, “Being Me And Loving It”, was for children, parents and teachers, and was co-written in the UK with Naomi Richards, a leading children’s coach. The book, which topped the Amazon book charts in “Bullying”, has been sold worldwide and continues to inspire children to cope with life at school and growing up.

Julia’s current project with The Robb Company, is a futuristic novel based in a post Armageddon society where her middle aged heroine is a reluctant leader thrown into the role by circumstance and need, staying alive and hidden from an enemy no one seems able to defeat. It is Julia’s intention that the novel be turned into a screenplay for a possible TV series or film.
Moving Day (working title) (Book)
In the future there will be no superheroes. Just you and me. We will be the ordinary people who stand and face Armageddon. You and I will either stand up & fight back or be swallowed by the dark forces of evil. Out of ordinary will come extraordinary.