Peter Myers
Peter has sold, written for hire, or optioned ten theatrical feature scripts, and has done a number of rewrites for indie film and TV producers. Two short films and a stage play are also to his credit. Among his produced projects are nine Chapters in Black American History; the drama/comedy, The Pickup (for cable distribution); his half-hour suspense drama, Double Cross (which he co-wrote/co-produced); and Speak To The World, a pilot for an interview show.

Peter’s work in screenwriting has branched out into novels and mini-series. His first novel on Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo’s Secret, adapted from his screenplay, was published on the Mentoris imprint as of April, 2018, and his mini-series on da Vinci is also available. Additionally, Peter has a modern day, true life story feature assignment underway, with one more slated, as well as a second novel underway about Galileo. After that, he will script a da Vinci-related treatment for a $30 million theatrical feature set up with a New York film company.
Peter was chosen as a judge for the 2017 UCLA Master of Fine Arts Screenwriting Showcase. He has been a regular panelist at the West Coast Writers Conference, has spoken about screenwriting to members of the International Screenwriters Association, and his advice to screenwriters is part of Tarcher/Penguin’s anthology, NOW WRITE! Screenwriting: Exercises by Today’s Best Screenwriters, Teachers and Consultants.
Victory Girl
A World War II epic in which an American flygirl finds courage, strength and love in the B-17 airwar over Europe.

A Science Fiction / Action Thriller about an alien woman who struggles to save her brother and ends up also saving Earth.

Shadows of War
A World War II epic in which a conflicted, Asian-American soldier must choose between his wife and another woman while on a secret mission to war-torn Japan.

Stray Hearts
A romantic dramedy ensemble piece about going for one's true goals, no matter what.

The Brothers Smith
A broad, slapstick comedy about three brothers involved in a ticking clock scenario.

Waiting For Diane
Taking place in America and England, a dramatic love story about breaking out of mental chains and finding freedom to make your own choices.

A suspense thriller about a young man who has a family member trying to kill him.

Mind Game
A psychological, suspense thriller about a young woman caught up in a mind control operation.

A supernatural, suspense thriller about where we go when we die.

Leonardo’s Secret
An epic biopic of Leonardo da Vinci, from a very unique perspective netted from a year of research: his core motivation in life uncovered.

Ice - (with Michael Hollins)
In 1898, a disgraced Naval graduate loses his fiancée over a drunken, fatal brawl, then is stripped of his rank and jailed for two years. Fighting a drinking problem, he starts at the bottom as a deckhand on an ocean liner, and must survive on the same iceberg which sends his ship to the bottom.  Ultimately, he must regain his self-respect as well as the love that he lost.
Leonardo’s Secret: A Novel Based on the Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Now available on AMAZON

Also, a podcast interview with Peter Myers, the author of the book, sponsored by the publisher,, can be accessed at this link: PODCAST