Kristi Poray-Breistig
Kristi Poray-Breistig was born in Orange County, California. She began writing at an early age, focusing mainly on poems and short stories. Being a controversial writer, her first censorship was in second grade. After submitting her short story, Attack of the Living Underwear, she received a lecture from her teacher. The title was subsequently changed to, Attack of the Living Underpants.

Kristi took an extended hiatus to marry her husband, Garrett, and raise their two children, Zak and Marin. That was until…October 2009; when she woke from a dream that kept her transfixed for days. After creating the storyline in her mind, Kristi decided it was time to follow her dream and begin writing again.

In addition to writing, Kristi is a certified massage therapist and practitioner of Reiki.
Serenity Falls - (with William James)
A paranormal love story that follows two characters who are so deeply connected that not even death can keep them apart.