William James
Williamís experience stretches from the high intensity of the college basketball court to the pressure of the stock marketís closing bell. A natural entrepreneur, William never intended to pursue a life in performing arts. However, on the whim of his best friend, William attended an acting class...and the rest is history.

After graduating from the extensive 4-year Meisner training program, William became co-owner of Take One Studios, in Beverly Hills. He continued to pursue the mastery of his art, as a teacherís assistant for one of Hollywoodís well known coaches. In his desire to further expand his knowledge and articulation of the craft, William began to create his own cutting-edge techniques and curriculum.

Williamís diverse background reaches far beyond his teaching and writing abilities. Inspired by the pursuit of self-mastery, his personal study is expansive. The extensive training and academic coaching he received throughout his life, coupled with his successful business and marketing background, college athletics, psychology training, and communication skills, allow William to articulate his art and exact his craft in a unique way.
Serenity Falls - (with Kristi Poray-Breistig)
A paranormal love story that follows two characters who are so deeply connected that not even death can keep them apart.

Member's Only
Bitter rivals to the end, gangsta golfer Percy Simms and preppie ex-tennis star Colton Mastersonís efforts to outwit each other and gain club dominance create an infectious chaos at the Willow Brook Country Club. One Club, Two rivals... Let the games begin.