Dan Wunsch
Dan is a screenwriter and freelance photo / journalist, who founded Nashville Music Guide in 1995 and served as its editor until 2010 when the successful magazine was sold. Since then, he has devoted 100% of his time writing.

Dan's storytelling, specifically his "dialogue". has received high marks from LA film industry professionals like Lonnie Stevens, Eric Weissmann and Mickey Freiberg.

Dan bases his nack for "entertaining" storytelling to the fact that he includes true life experiences in his fictional work and does extensive research on the subject matter of each screenplay.
Making the Grade
In this teen coming of age comedy, a rich spoiled female high school senior kidnaps her ex-Marine substitute teacher and hires a homeless wino to replace him in order to receive the "A" grade she needs to graduate. The homeless wino blossoms into a motivational and inspirational teacher, who not only changes her life forever, but also his own and the lives of her fellow students in the "losers" class. "Risky Business" meets "Trading Places".

Nashville Fever
Josie, a talented but naive singer / songwriter straight out of Kansas and seeking fame, travels to Nashville to be "discovered". When she is taken advantage of by Music Row's shady characters, her streetwise girlfriend named Lea joins her in Nashville and they plot to "get even". The story ends well for our heroines when they sign a major recording contract as a country duo. Think "Thelma & Louise" revenges Nashville.

A South African wild cat, Blackfoot, escapes from the DC Zoo and breeds with a feral cat in Rock Creek Park, resulting in a litter of violent cats. These "cats gone wild" invade a high rise condominium during the night, terrorizing the tenants in a killing spree that lasts until sunrise.

In this political, suspense thriller, John Kennedy survives the Dallas assassination attempt and recovers from his bullet wounds after a month of hospitalizaztion. After resuming his duties as presidenet, Kennedy joins forces with a Secrect Service agent and launches an undercover operation to bring hjis conspirators to justice. The final scene documents the shocking hjistoric revelation that the bullet that killed Kennedy also resulted in over 57,000 American deaths.