Lorel Keiko Saiki
Ms. Saiki, both writer and producer, brings with her over a decade of in depth research, experiences and stories from working with both law enforcement and gang interventionists. Relationships and knowledge that have taken years to build, to earn trust and confidences, gain access to insider experiences, the inner-workings of gangs and inner circles of the gang intervention community.

Saiki has assembled a team of experts as Technical Advisors for Urban UNITY television series that includes successful gang intervention workers, probation officers with the Mobile Gang Unit, high school-based P.O.s, LAPD Gang Enforcement Unit, a 20-year veteran retired LAPD Captain, plus former gang members who were shot callers, drug dealers, hitmen and murderers. Lorel’s strength as a Producer is the ability to work with all kinds of people, gain access to, coordinate and liaise with various communities to bring authenticity and insider experiences to these stories.

Research has taken Lorel on ride-alongs with the Mobile Gang Unit to visit homes, families, schools and workplaces of gang members. To Detention Centers at Juvenile Hall and Juvenile Camps, Probation Department Interview Centers, teen Boot Camps and JEOPARDY programs run by LAPD. Pelican Bay State prison maximum security SHU (Special Housing Units) where the worst of the worst gang members, organized crime and violent sex offenders are held. Interviewing gang members in East Los Angeles, South Central, Watts and San Fernando Valley, as well as Case Managers, Social Workers, counselors, psychologists, Judges, Attorneys and Public Defenders.

Member CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) and
East-West Players ACTS (Alliance of Creative Talent Services)
One-hour urban Crime Drama television series

People who work with gangs and street-level gang intervention in Los Angeles, California (a.k.a. Gang Capital of America). What initially looks like an open-and-shut case of Domestic Violence leads to ties with a series of gang-related murders and drug wars. Each episode is told from a differing point-of-view, as we see diverse ramifications of the crime through the eyes of the police, gangs, friends and family, caseworkers, public defenders, politicians and gang intervention counselors from the Urban Unity Center. Different multi-layered stories combine to show the effect a seemingly simple crime can have on the entire community.

Beverly Hills Bounty Hunters
Half-hour Action-Comedy television series

The new Dawgs in town, on the hunt for fugitives in the crazy world of Hollywood, celebrities, the rich, the famous, the infamous, the wannabes.

The Trailer
Dramedy feature film or telefilm screenplay

Sometimes life has a lot of funny hitches.

Road Trippin’
Half-hour family Dramedy road trip television series

Rolling with the Robinsons, jammed and jamming cross-country in an RV motorhome.

The Gang Wars
One-hour Crime Drama television series

The war against gangs and violent crimes. A front seat ride-along to investigate crimes.

Drama short film screenplay
(Based on a short story, “Nocturne” by Jessica Kawasuna Saiki from her book “Once, A Lotus Garden”).
Love and music of the night in a dark time for Hawaii at the dawn of US involvement in World War II.

Polo Players
Sports / Action / Drama feature film screenplay
The world of polo - the games both on and off the field in high society and the “Sport of Kings”.