Created by and Written by: Peter David Myers

Type of show: Serialized, limited series television show event on the passions and conflicts of Leonardo Da Vinci, master painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist and genius of the Renaissance.
Genre: Historical Fiction Drama
Format: One-hour, 5 Episodes Limited Series
Available materials: 116-page and 231-page screenplays completed, 72-thousand- word novel published by the Mentoris Project in 2018 and selling through sites such as Amazon, increasing the recognizability of the mini-series launch.

Prestige event mini-series capitalizing on the brand equity of Leonardo Da Vinci, immersing the viewer in 15th and 16th Century Italy and France, and into the mind and heart of the foremost genius of the Renaissance.

In a society destabilized by war, emerging from ignorance and barbarism, and largely insensitive to art and the human spirit, Leonardo is hundreds of years ahead of his time.

As he vacillates between affluence and poverty, he researches the secrets of the human soul in the midst of the European Inquisition. In a society that doesn’t care a whit about scientific, artistic or philosophic freedom, Leonardo’s selfish flaw is his greatest asset.