Mel Kohl
Mel Kohl has been a writer, standup comic and an actor for over 20 years.

He has written for sitcoms,for other comics, and the recently successful play, Pecker Patter, to rave reviews. It is a story of the eternal fight between the heart, the brain and the penis to control the male body.

Mel's most recent screenplay, It's in the Ivy,  was co-written with writer and comic, Ed Regine and tells the story of two guys discovering why their beloved Chicago Cubs keep losing.
P.I. Guys
A personal injury attorney sets up phony accidents to get even with crooked insurance companies and then uses the settlements he receives to help his poor clients.

It's In The Ivy (with Ed Regine)
Todd and Rod, thirty-something slaccard losers, figure out that the ivy in Wrigley Field is toxic, just toxic enough to slightly impair the players motor skills. They enlist the help of their former science teacher to infuse the toxic elements of the ivy into  fertilizer seeds which they want to place into Yankee Stadium in order to balance the odds. Hating the Yankees even more than they love the Cubs, they move to New York to execute their plan. Todd throws a wrench in their scheme when he falls head over heels for Ellie, daughter of the world's greatest guy and the greatest Yankee fan, Frankie the Yankee.  The boys get the seeds into Yankee Stadium and soon afterward, the Yankees begin to lose. Unbeknownst to the guys, Frankie has his life savings bet on the Yankees winning the pennant.

Love for Sale
A timid accountant runs an upscale whorehouse, giving his workers full benefits (medical, dental etc.) thus incurring the wrath of local pimps.