Kyle Wilkinson
Kyle Wilkinson, a Caledon Ontario native, has aspired for a career in film throughout his adult life. When not writing new scripts, he's either reading other works or books on the craft. His filmmaking pursuits include writing, producing, directing and editing a low-budget feature and completing two short films, all under his own production company.

While studying film and theater at the University of Manitoba, he was a Venue Coordinator of the 2005 Winnipeg satellite film festival for Troma Entertainment. Practical industry experience also includes working as an Executive Assistant at Alchemist Entertainment. Since then, he has continued to write scripts, some of which were in the planning stages for years.

Heís a graduate of The New York Film Academy intensive filmmakerís course. From 2001-2007 he studied comedy with The Second City in Toronto. He also worked as an extra on the academy award winning film "Capote" starring academy award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman.
S.E.E.D.y People
A burnt-out, middle-aged, high school substitute teacher struggles to improve his studentís grades. Complications arise when his class is invaded by zombies and the rival school is invaded by vampires, who during an apocalypse, seek to invade Earth.

Moon Food
A young drug addicted musician is wrongfully accused of murder. Now, on the run for his life, he must clear his name, find love and reclaim the genius he once had.