Created by and Stories by: Lorel Keiko Saiki, Writer/Producer
TV Pilot Script Written by: Lorel Keiko Saiki & Galen A. Beverly

Type of show: Dark, gritty, serialized television series. Diversity project with multiracial,
     multicultural cast. English-language production with additional ethnic appeal to Spanish-
     speaking audiences.
Genre: Urban Crime Drama
Format: One-hour, 8 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible, One Sheet

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People who work with gangs and street-level gang intervention in Los Angeles, California (a.k.a. Gang Capital of America). In ethnic neighborhoods, an investigation into what initially looks like an open-and-shut case of Domestic Violence leads to ties with a series of gang related murders and drug wars.

Each episode is told from a differing point-of-view, as we see diverse ramifications of the crime through the eyes of the police, gangs, friends and family, caseworkers, public defenders, politicians and gang intervention counselors from the Urban Unity Center. Different multi-layered stories combine to show the effect a seemingly simple crime can have on the entire community.