Created by: Theo Breaux
Written by: Theo Breaux

Type of show: Funny, provocative, quick-witted and cheeky episodic TV Series
Genre: Single Camera Comedy
Format: Half-hour, 13 Episodes per Season
Talent attachment: Debra Wilson
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, Series Treatment, Pilot Episode

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After being unexpectedly dumped by his boyfriend, unemployed Derek, a Black, gay thirty-something, is forced to move in with two of his straight former college acquaintances Marko, a smart ass Serbian transplant and Chris, an all-American musical theater performer.

Between all their idiosyncrasies, this trio always manages to find themselves in the craziest, most awkward and uncomfortable situations. Follow this triad as they navigate their 30's in Los Angeles while dealing with the ups and downs of their careers and frequent headaches brought on by their insignificant others. Through it all, the guys discover that though hurdling towards the big 4-0, they are exactly where they’re supposed to be in life.

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