Michael Kenneth Stewart
Michael Kenneth Stewart is a British screen writer, novelist, playwright, actor, director and painter, and lives on a boat moored on a river in the middle of England.

His first novel South To Sonora, was published in 2013, and more novels, already written, are to be published soon.

His latest novel, Ellie Jekyll, is based on the pilot episode of the TV show of the same name. Michael’s also written several feature-length movie scripts and has directed a few short movies, as well as, for the Theatre.

A professional actor for many years, he’s appeared on stage in London, has toured with shows in Britain and France, and is soon to appear in a production of Shakespeare’s 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', also in London.

As a painter, he’s sold his work in Britain and the USA.
Ellie Jekyll (TV series)
Ellie Jekyll, a 17 year old outcast living in the outskirts of Oregon takes an antidote created by her great grandfather, Dr. Jekyll, and releases her evil, alter-ego, Angelica Hyde.

Ellie Jekyll (Young Adult Novel)
A novel based on the pilot episode of the TV show.

Don't Click
High School students meet a mysterious Games Master who persuades them to play a game: they can get anything they desire, and all they’ve got to do is complete a task. They’ve got 72 hours, and if they don’t do it, they’ll die in pain.

A hike through a forest turns into a nightmare when university students encounter a demon that needs to possess fresh corpses in order to survive.