Created by: Robin Heid and Llewellyn Wells (Pilot)
Written by: Robin Heid, M.A.
Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: One-hour, 10 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible
Baywatch in the sky; a one-hour ensemble cast drama about a Wild Bunch of parachutists who bounce between selfish and selfless adventures fueled both by their deep-seated adrenaline addiction and their deeply-held belief that when you’re blessed with a lot of something most people don’t have, it’s cool and morally imperative to share it. Sky Gods fields a diverse cast from every continent and walk of life, all with compelling personalities who find peace in the sky while they fight their personal demons on the ground.

Contains reality-show elements including guest roles by real-life sky gods such as Roberta Mancino (pictured above). Co-created by multiple Emmy Award winning producer of The West Wing Llewellyn Wells.