Created by: Kristi Poray-Breistig and William James
TV Show Bible, Written by: William James

Type of show: Gritty, mystical serialized television series.
      A human story about the immortal in us all.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Crime Drama
Format: One-hour, 13 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Show Bible, Treatments for Pilot Episode and First Episode.

Jason Williams is a rebellious immortal whose dishonorable deeds have disrupted the equilibrium of the Universe. The cataclysmic result: a fast approaching collapse of the Cosmos. In a last ditch effort to save all of existence, Jason’s estranged family of Gods, The Heavenly Lineage, hands down a hopeful plan.

Designed to create one last chance at redemption, the Cosmic Ordinances dictate that Jason become sheriff of the quiet town Serenity Falls, to rectify all that he has cosmically unraveled. While violent crime, social unrest, and a haunting nemesis test him to his very core, Jason must find the hero-within and rescue the town, all while endeavoring to win back his eternal love... lost lifetimes ago.