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The Robb Squad’s mission is to entertain, inform and inspire people across the country through the power of storytelling, reflecting creative talent and exceptional writing that make us one of the country’s premier entertainment studios.

Core Team

    SHERRY ROBB    Producer | Talent Manager | Literary Agent

As a Literary Agent Sherry Robb has had eleven New York Times Bestsellers, two of which became successful films: "Dreamgirls" and "Zodiac Killer". Sherry is the Co-Producer of three feature films: "Choke", "Body of Night" and "Acrylic", all running on Amazon Prime. As a Talent Manager, she has guided the careers of actors for twenty-five years. Sherry was inducted into the Personal Managers Hall of Fame in 2019.

    MARC MARTINEZ    Director | Producer | Cinematographer

A graduate of the Los Angeles Film School, Marc spent the last 15 years pioneering digital filmmaking honing his diverse skillset in picture and sound. Marc's feature directorial debut '50K' garnered distribution by major streaming platforms, Peacock, Tubi, and Roku and was featured in the June, 2020 issue of Inktip magazine. Marc is spearheading the production of the Robb Squad's slate of feature films.

    SKY CLINE KATZENBERG    Writer | Script Coverage

Graduating from Emerson College, Skyler Cline-Katzenberg went on to intern for Voltage Pictures before finding a position at The Robb Company and ultimately joining the Robb Squad. As the Director of Literary, she deals with script submissions, editorial notes, and more, all while pursuing her dream of being a screenwriter. During this time, she also landed her first paid writing gig doing revisions and has now moved onto a new writing project.

    RITA MICHELLE    Co-Producer

Rita Rey started off in the entertainment industry acting, having roles in independent films including Contractor's Routine and The Scarlet Worm. She made a career move into the news industry becoming a local news producer and host in Bakersfield, California. During her time there, Rita discovered her love of storytelling and her desire to create thought provoking films. Her passion to produce features and television programs led her to enter the industry once again, this time on the other side of the camera.

    ROBAIR SIMS    Director | Stunt Coordinator

Robair started his film career doing extra work. Working his way up, he has been in over 100 feature films, television series, music videos and commercials. With his vast knowledge behind and in front of the camera, Robair has worked as as actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator, 2nd unit director, and director. He has worked on such Television Series as "The Parkers" and "V.I.P." for their entire runs. He has also worked on blockbuster films such as Fast & Furious, Crash, Spiderman and Collateral.

    JERRY RODRIGUEZ    Marketing

Jerry Rodriguez's experience comes from television and radio where he worked with Hispanic juggernaut networks Univision and Telemundo, as well as ABC News and Lieberman Broadcasting as a field producer for various TV shows. In radio, he produced the morning show La KeBuena, and also worked in marketing and promotions for Super Estrella. Jerry went on to use his marketing skills for tech company startup iSpots. Today Jerry is fulfilling a lifelong dream of producing films.

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Film Slate: Horror

A logging town widower struggles to maintain a relationship with his surviving son, but when the town people start getting violently murdered by a ravenous beast, he suspects his son could be a werewolf yet he’ll do anything to keep him from harm.

You let her in your door. You let her in your home. You leave her alone with your children. You think she is harmless. But what if you are wrong? So very, very wrong.

When a group of strangers meet in a remote forest cabin, they soon find out they’ve been gathered together to be used as a sacrifice and must flee for their lives.

Strange supernatural events begin to occur at an adolescent mental health ward when a possessed teenager is admitted during the night.

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Film Slate: Thriller

A suicidal teen stumbles upon a dark web site where she is persuaded to play a game called Blue Whale and live stream her suicide for the world to see.

In a peaceful and serene town, a man’s past catches up when he is captured by a woman seeking revenge for her violent rape and the brutal murder of her sister.

When five strangers climb into a plush limousine, they’re expecting an extravagant party but instead they discover that they have been targeted for death.

A violent young man finds himself soothed and nurtured by an older woman, but it soon becomes obvious that she has much more dangerous secrets of her own.

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Film Slate: Comedy

Loving sisters Angela and Dominica struggle to keep their deli afloat, but when Angela kills Dominica’s gangster boyfriend for hitting her, they have no choice but to chop and grind him up turning him into salami. The new salami recipe is a hit, they’re gonna need more gangsters, lucky for them they keep coming in spades.

After a con artist inherits her Mafioso grandmother’s funeral home, she creates a funeral faking business to save her Grandma from the mob and herself from the FBI.

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Film Slate: Television

No-nonsense single mother Vivian, driven to excel in a man’s world, must raise a mischievous 6-year old boy growing up in his family’s record company.

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