Created by, Stories by and Written by: Michael Lee & Grant Monk

Type of show: Bloody, gritty, action-packed episodic television series with serialized storylines.
An imagined history of the Old West frontier with a timeless supernatural struggle.
Genre: Vampire-Horror/Western Drama
Format: One-hour, 12 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible

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A run-in with a pack of blood-sucking vampires leaves bounty hunter Langston Kane a partially-turned creature of the night. Now, caught in the midst of an ancient struggle between warring vampire factions, he roams the Old West raining vengeance on those who created him while searching for answers to who and what he is - before it’s too late and the darkness consumes him.

To survive, he must feed - a dark hunger that ultimately drives a determined, unrelenting, and often violent pursuit of outlaws and evil men before the vampires destroy him. In the end, he survives... and takes his bounty - in blood.