Andrew Post
Andrew Post is primarily a genre fiction author with a dozen published short stories, six novels; Knuckleduster, Fabrick, Sired by Stone, The Siren House, Rusted Heroes, and Aftertaste.

He is also the co-writer of the award winning sci-fi short film Into Dusk.
Leach Field (Horror)
Texas, 1987. When a dead body is discovered in the septic tank of a family’s country fixer-upper, supernatural activity and the attention of those who may have been responsible begins to manifest.

Returns (Horror)
1998. Brian just landed his first job: shelving returns at a video store. But when violent amateur horror films start getting dropped off - and his friends start disappearing - Brian begins to suspect the videos might be a serial killer filming his own work.

The Error (Horror)
When her contractor husband dies under mysterious circumstances, police constable Sylvia Belson discovers a sinister otherworldly entity is systematically taking over London - and she’s its true target.

Dark Eyes (Horror)
During a severe snowstorm, a couple welcomes in a little girl found on their front step. But their young guest, in addition to an extreme aversion to bright light, seems to know more about her hosts than a stranger possibly could including many ugly truths.

Scavengers (Horror)
A freelance crime scene photographer finds himself targeted by the darker side of the Internet after selling some grisly photos online.

The One-Eyed King (Horror)
At first, a father and son remodeling team believe their latest job, a condemned school for blind children, might have squatters - but they soon discover what’s been causing strange noises every night is actually something far worse.