Lorel Keiko Saiki
Director of Marketing & Promotions

Lorel Keiko Saiki

From a visual background (painting, drawing, visual and graphic design) that lends itself well to the very visual mediums of film and television. Working in Advertising and Marketing creating messages that motivate or influence thousands and millions of people. Fortunate to learn from top Copywriters (who went on to become Emmy award-winning Writer/Producers) taught me how to write and edit scripts, dialog, and copy. Currently focusing on writing and screenwriting for television, film and digital media.

Ad agencies are a great training ground for working in collaboration under deadlines and pressure. Learning the discipline to crank out ideas and be creative even in the midst of chaos. Handling dozens of revisions, rewrites, fast thinking on your feet, on the run, every single day. To research, quick study any topic, product or promotion you’re assigned. To write concisely and pack a lot of story into :10, :30, :60 second increments. To grab the audiences’ attention, quickly get across ideas and create memorable creative that stays in the minds of viewers.

Writer/Producer, Los Angeles, California | 2003 to present

Writing and screenwriting for television and films, advertising campaigns, branding, promotions, TV commercials, creative presentations, corporate and industrial videos. From creative concept, development, research, to writing treatments, TV pilot scripts, creative presentations, pitch materials, promotions, one sheets, TV show bibles. Script revisions, rewrites, promotional spots, press releases, plus business correspondence, business plans and corporate capabilities presentations.