Created and Written by: Robin Heid, M.A.
Type of show:D.C. Political Drama
Genre: Drama
Format: One-hour, 13 Episodes per Season
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible
Liberty Green is an edgy ensemble series full of formidable people and hot-button issues that surfs the momentum of the current political climate by re-inventing the “D.C. show” in a way that echoes The West Wing but breaks new ground by casting a Libertarian American Indian as POTUS and a Green Party woman as VP- and shows what would the world could look like if an all-American wild man came out of nowhere to win the White House and seize power from the Establishment.

The characters and their politics are so alien to Washington’s elite and its corporate media that Liberty Green could easily become the most dynamic, talked-about scripted drama to come down the pike in a long time - especially when the series arc gets to the impeachment part.