Robin Heid
Robin Heid is the author of Sport Death: A Computer Age Odyssey, the critically-acclaimed 1987 novel about aerospacecraft and artificial intelligence on which his principal screenplay The Magic Raven is based. Mr. Heid drew on his experience as a paratrooper, pilot, professional parachutist, investigative journalist and technical editor to craft a screenplay of such depth that it makes us wonder how the story will end for all of us, not just Jesse and Chuck.

Mr. Heid is also a strategic communications consultant whose current and past clients include foreign governments, film, television and live event producers, the international environmental group Greenpeace, and political candidates for national, state and local office. He was a Colorado candidate for U.S. Congress in 1988, governor in 1990, and in 1994 created and hosted the Denver radio talk show, For What It’s Worth.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tamaki, 5-year-old daughter Siona, two desert tortoises and a pair of cats. He drives a Ford pickup and rides a Harley.
A family held together by the sport of bocce falls apart when terminally ill family patriarch Nonno passes the torch of leadership to his grandson Dante instead of his own children – and Dante and his family all learn the hard way that you don't have to be big to be important.

The Lynching of Fleetwood Jackson
Debonair but corrupt African-American D.A. Brittan Laight seeking fame and votes puts an innocent African-American Fleetwood Jackson on trial for raping white women. When Jackson hires small-time private investigator Tom Paine to help him, Paine’s girlfriend, Rebecca Tamaki, dumps him, screaming, “What if one of those women was your sister?” To which Paine replies: “What if Jackson was your brother?”

The Cove
A dark tale of torture and terrifying secrets lurking behind perfection that begins when Sally St. John Brainerd is kidnapped on the way to her U.S. Senate staff job, then escapes from a mental hospital only to become a murder suspect as she fights the powerful forces trying to destroy her. She runs from police and kidnappers alike to a quaint little seaside where illusion becomes reality, truth becomes a disguise, and murder is on the menu at the World’s Greatest Ice Cream shop. Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Catherine Coulter.

The Magic Raven
Test pilot Siona Kirk teaches Chuck, the computer brain inside the Raven spaceplane, how to fly and understand the world. Through the intimacy of high-tech telepathy called “sex,” his mind and relationship with Siona grow at warp speed into The Singularity – that moment when a machine becomes smarter than humans and everything changes in ways we cannot conceive.