Linda Freeny
Born and raised in England, Linda is happy to now call the United State home. She is, if nothing else, prolific. With eight novels and seventeen screenplays, two of her novels have been adapted into screenplays, and two of them are based on true stories. Linda is a multiple award winning contestant, in multiple genres. Name almost any subject and she has a novel or script to fit (except for science fiction), and if there isn't one, she will write it. She takes direction well and readily re-writes when asked. Since the old adage about ’writing is re-writing’, Linda often says, “I can’t even write a letter without editing it several times”.

Linda and her husband breed, raise and show German Shepherds, a nice diversion from her day job. Although the best diversion is writing... which is her passion.
Nobody’s Angel
A dead Jane Doe in a filthy New York alley is written off as the apparent victim of an overdose, to all except a cop with a conscience, and with a feeling he should know who she is.