Roy Doliner

Acclaimed international author and lecturer Roy Doliner is best known for his work in discovering and decoding hidden symbols and messages in art. The Italian media have called him “the Jewish Robert Langdon”, referring to the protagonist in the Dan Brown novels and films. Roy’s most famous work is The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo’s Forbidden Messages In The Heart Of The Vatican (Harper Collins), a New York Times bestseller and translated into 15 languages in countries around the globe.

Several documentaries have already been filmed about Roy Doliner’s work, including ABC-TV’s 20/20 Primetime and most recently The Discovery Channel. He has been honored by the U.S. government with a special grant from the NEA, by the Italian government for his work in popularizing Art History, and most recently by the Israeli government for life achievement in the Arts. He was a special religious/historical consultant for the studio feature film The Nativity Story, the first and only film to have its world premiere in Vatican City. The Vatican has also honored him by making him the first religious Jew in the history of Vatican City to be an authorized docent there.

Even with all his success in the world of Art History, Roy stays true to his first passions, film and theater. He writes films and plays, both in English and Italian, and has had his work optioned twice in Hollywood.

No matter the subject or genre, Roy’s works are deeply spiritual, leavened with a healthy dose of humor. He has been honored for his play Divine Right, a courtroom drama set in the Spanish Inquisition. His comedy Last Words, about the private conversations between God and Moses, sold out houses to rave reviews in both the USA and Italy. His other plays have been successfully produced in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Rome. And most recently by the Israeli government for life achievement in the Arts.
Michelangelo: The Art of Survival
This screenplay, which is still in development, is all about the true secret life of one of the world’s most beloved artists, written by one of the top authorities on the subject and the man who decoded Michelangelo’s hidden messages in the Sistine Chapel.

Language of the Heart
A romantic comedy that takes place during the historic Deaf student revolt at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

Dark Night of the Soul
An intellectual horror film based on European history and culture.

Song Without End
A modern-day magical realism story about the enduring power of music.

Caravaggio: A Light In The Shadows (Book)
Caravaggio is the hottest name in art history today and this book reveals many of his secrets and shatters all the misconceptions of his life and work.

Veiled in Mystery: The Last Secret Of Michelangelo (Book)
This is the true ’behind-the-scenes’ story of the discovery of a long-lost masterpiece of Michelangelo, its journey from lying in pieces in a rotting cardboard box on the floor of a tiny antique shop to becoming what is being called “the art discovery of the century”.

Hidden Beneath the Beauty: Kabbalistic Secrets In Italian Art (Book)
This book is a meditation that sweeps along the panoply of Italian history, revealing a chain of hidden mystical messages from the Alps all the way down to Sicily, from deep under the Vatican to the top of the Great Synagogue, covering a span of over 2,300 years.

People of the Book: Unlocking The Inner Teachings Of The Bible Through 100 Of Its Most Fascinating Personalities (working title) (Book)
This book guides the reader through over 100 lives of men and women in the Hebrew Scriptures, each brief biography written like a dramatic film synopsis. While reading these easily-digestible life stories, we learn how to use ancient spiritual methods to gain surprising insights into what the Bible is really telling us.