Joe Clifford
Joe Clifford has always believed that the number one goal of any project is to entertain, with heart and humor as well as lots of action and excitement. After attending the University of Louisville and receiving his Masters Degree from Columbia University, Joe served in the Peace Corps in Kenya and has traveled around the world several times. Now based in Los Angeles, Joe uses this life experience to write and produce quality projects that are intended to reach a broad based audience.

Joe founded Three H Productions in 2000 and JCProd in 2003 to facilitate the sale and production of seven full-length original screenplays that he has written as well as two television pilots. Joe has written, filmed and directed the pilot for Models Remodel along with a short film titled Altar Dance, which is archived in the prestigious Lincoln Center Library on Dance in New York City. He has also adapted Altar Dance into a theatrical production, premiering at the Berg Studio Theater in 2015.
A Slight Change of Plans
A college graduate is torn between taking a corporate job or traveling the world when he falls in love with a beautiful Canadian girl while visiting Europe. After saying good-bye to her, he meets a worldly Australian who convinces him to find her again, and a wild adventurous chase ensues.

Tunnel Vision
A teacher of blind and visually impaired kids at an inner-city school is recruited to teach at a prestigious school in New York. She agrees to take the job only if her three tough but lovable students can come with her. They struggle with racism, class differences, disabilities and acceptance while stumbling on a plot to assassinate a head of state at the school play.

Toad Holler
A poor girl from Appalachia inherits the family violin and is befriended by an old black fiddle maker. When he discovers that it is actually a priceless Stradivarius, her scheming brother steals it and runs amok destroying other Stradivarius’ to increase its value. The son of the corrupt coal mine operator falls in love with her and helps her retrieve her violin.

An eight year old boy genius is recruited from war-torn Yugoslavia by a powerful, shadowy Islamic terrorist to live with an American State Department employee family as an adopted child. He then plots to blow up an event attended by several world leaders, including the president. When he is found out, his new family must protect him or turn him in.

Altar Dance
A young dancer named Amy prepares for an important audition, which could make her career. While watching a video of the piece, she becomes obsessed with the man who danced the duet. When she learns he is now a homeless man living on the streets of New York City, she goes on a journey to discover what happened to him, and learns about herself in the process.

The Urchin
When a young soccer player from Kentucky travels to Latin America to study the sport, he befriends a young street urchin. This brief encounter is revisited when years later, the Urchin shows up at his door, ready to be a soccer star. The Urchin proves that no matter where you come from, itís not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.