Bob Brill
Bob Brill is an award winning radio journalist who for decades has been known internationally as a network correspondent and radio personality. Bob's passion however has always been the written word and movies. Bob is known for his creativity and his ability to accomplish tasks quickly. An accomplished author he has penned five books including the first two in the western series Lancer; Hero of the West.

Bob has written more than a dozen screenplays in various genre's. Due to his experience and background, he has a wide array of scripts from drama to comedy and thrillers to action screenplays. He has developed a one hour TV Pilot based on his career in radio.

In 1959 he noticed a female dancer on the back of Don Rudolph's baseball card and was intrigued by the comment on the back "Don's wife is a professional dancer." It didn't set well, this being on his baseball card. Years later he would research the couple and learn their amazing story. Bob also learned they lived not far from the neighborhood where he grew up. He acquired the rights to them and part of their estate. They became the subjects of his first book Fan Letters to a Stripper; A Patti Waggin Tale and the basis for his passion feature film script Major League Stripper.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, he is totally involved with the cities sports teams as his very first passion was baseball and he still loves the game today. His original goal was to be a play-by-play announcer and he did accomplish that goal early in his career. A world traveler he's been to 27 countries and to his ancestral home of Italy many times, finding family and friends and doing genealogical research. He is also involved in charitable work with the DEA Survivors Benefit Fund, where he also acts as the group's celebrity auctioneer. Bob is also an icon in the sports trading card and memorabilia field after authoring the very successful newsletter; The Brill Report.

Bob lives with his wife Paula in the greater Los Angeles area.
Patti Waggin
Based on his novel and true-life story, this is the story of a well-known Burlesque Queen and her major baseball player (The Washington Senators) who take on the social challenges in the turbulent 50s & 60s.